TAINING Outdoor Challenge Day 2

First Place!
First Place!


Story to follow. Need to eat some food, shower and clean gear for tomorrow.

Day 2 started on wire swing bridge for half the team. For us it was Marcel. The other person was down in the lake with the double sit on top kayaks holding two paddles. An abseil dropping to the water then a 200m swim to a timing box and then our boats. Marcel was the first to arrive so we left quickly ahead of everyone. Team Tasmania and Thule Adventure Team 1 were quick on our tail. A conservative and tired (from so many previous events already) team mate convinced me we were not going to bother breaking away despite us being stronger paddlers. Arguments and banter proved that no one was willing to work together so we kayaked nearly the whole 12km on the lake in a group of three but separate.

35.5km Mountain to follow and the high air temp made itself noticed. Together we rode over the first big hill climb in rutted, gravelly 4wd track. the descent seemed fast until I saw ahead that Tasmaina and Marcel had stopped because they couldnt find anymore markers. I turned around quick and founda subtle turn off the road during a sharp corner some 400m back up the hill. It was here that all three teams were split due to Thule 1 make the turn early without notice, and Tasmania now behind us. A mix of road and pavement then a huge and steep bike carry section up a big hill. Heat was difficult to bear.

At transition we discover that Thule 1 had obviouly not made a mistake on the bike and were in fact ahead of us. A 1.5km run over a hill and down to the lake with a car inner tube each. 500m to cross the lake. We tied the tubes together and used a butterfly technique one infront of the other. It took a long time to cross but amazing to be in the water to cool down a bit. Tasmania looked to have made a big gain on us there as we saw when we exited. They opted to simply swim normal and throw the tubes…

A final 7km run to finish, We pushed well out of the comfort zone but mainly limited by heat not muscle exhaustion. It followed streams in steep gorges, crossing saddles into new valleys often and a good dose of stairs near the end. There we discovered we’d arrived first to the finishiline. Straight to the stream to cool off. We had the fastest run time overall. Thule 1 arrived 5mins later with Tasmania just behind. Thule 1  had made wrong turn on the last run and it took them far too long to realise their mistake. We all took wrong turns that day. It is easy when you are exhausted. Thule 1 protested their run time and recived a 2min bonus. We maintained our win for the day but lost our chance for the overall yellow jersey. Disappointed with the protest but stoked to make the podium on top. 




Cooling off as fast as possible, heat sucks sometimes
Cooling off as fast as possible, heat sucks sometimes

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