NZ racing report and heading to Aussie race in 3 days

I competed in The South Head Challenge October 5th (11km Kayak, 26km Mountain bike, 10km Run) and Motu Challenge on October 11th (65km Mountain bike, 17km Run, 55km Road bike, 27km Kayak, 8km Bike, 3km Run).

I arrived at both of them underprepared, overworked. However keen to do some proper nz multisport racing after pounding the body to its extremities in China. I hoped that I might retain some fitness to do ok at them.


Run stage – South Head Challenge

Feeling the pressure from being promoted as a contender prior to both of them meant I set out to try and win them. An intensity my body wasn’t interested in. A clear reminder that with proper quality training I can do well, without – I cannot.

3rd place at South Head to Stu Lynch 1st and Olly Shaw 2nd.


South Head Challenge prizegiving

4th Place at Motu to Sam Clark 1st, Stu Lynch 2nd, and Dwarne Farley 3rd.

I’m happy as with my results considering all. It can be frustrating know there are eyes everywhere watching and expecting.

Mountain Bike Stage Motu Challenge

Mountain Bike Stage Motu Challenge

I took a week off training after Motu and tried to re-establish what I am doing, during that week (only 1.5 weeks ago today) I decided to trial getting a Coach and see where that goes over that next few weeks. Some interesting new sessions have risen with a lot more purpose to sessions than I am used to. Not a bad thing.

Now I am flying to Australia on Thursday coming. This Sunday is the Augusta Adventure Fest. It is about 4hours drive below Perth. (12.5km Run, 1.9km Swim, 13km Kayak, 32km Mountain Bike, 2.5km Run)


Can’t wait. The idea is to treat this trip as a holiday and not allow myself to feel any pressure to perform. Also have never been across the ditch before and will be great to catch up with some family over there.

Augusta will be a cool event, I’ll raise a post to update on how that goes. NZ team will be Myself, Olly Shaw and Emma McCosh. Plus the: pro’s Dougal Allan and Braden Currie.

Final note: RR Sport are now Torpedo7. So new Race kit! Check out the new shops, so much good gear.

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About Sam

Aircraft Technician/Outdoor Instructor but currently a full time Multisport Athlete. Super passionate about outdoor adventures and seeing how well I can get my body to perform for the sports I do. Striving to be the best I can be and help/inspire anyone that wants to be along the way.

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  1. Have a great time Sam. Loved your piece on motivation – so applicable to many aspects of our lives. Myra

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    Hi Sam

    Am enjoying your writeup. It’s good you’re honest with yourself and relating results to work, health, eating, training, rest etc I’m now in Bagan and about to explore may pagodas on a ancient plain full of them. Have a look a the cover of this year’s Lonely Planet book of Myanmar – that’s where I am right now (arrived this afternoon)

    Back to Yangon soon, then Singapore, Bali and Wellington on the 13th After that it is back to the old world of getting a job etc <sigh>


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