Baise Leye Day 2 Report 

Today also began in Leye with a mass running start up a valley not far from the city. 

11.5km with the first 2km being wide road or track to allow for the field to spread naturally. 

 Purao got ahead quickly but we were battling it out with Thule again until a very steep climb where they sneaked ahead. Onto steps we ascended more before finding ourselves in a time neutral zone to prepare our harnesses for a zipline across a huge limestone valley.  

Team matching kit

After a another few kms of running we began the mountain bike stage (44km), there was some awesome descents amongst the climbs and we kept Thule in sight for most of it. By 28kms in we ended up on a rugged rock trail where we must carry bikes and tread in stiff MTB shoes for several kms. 

It is challenging and time consuming. Eventually we descend to the leg end and the Kayaking stage has been cancelled due to low lake water (there was pretty much none left) so we finish the day there! 3rd place and several minutes back again from 1st and 2nd.

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